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Hi Ho Six Shooter - Empire

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Hi Ho, Six Shooter! was conceived one quiet summer evening in 2002 by Steven MacLauchlan, Patrick Stinnett and Jared “Shirtless” Brown in Patrick’s bedroom in Lynchburg, Va. The side project was meant as a way for these already busy musicians to express their repressed Southern tendencies through the majesty of an acoustic country sing-along.

The project later presented itself as a full-time opportunity. Steven and Patrick took the helm, enlisting the help of Justin Brown and Jeff Carey, to bring the group to their first full-length recording, titled Passing Through Just Like A Ghost. After some line-up changes and new member additions, the full-band version of HH6S then went from there, playing more shows and touring during breaks in their hectic school and work schedules. They have since put out a few small releases, including a civil war themed 7 inch and an EP titled A Brief Discourse on Death and Dying. Their upcoming full-length release, Empire, has found the Hi Ho boys exploring a darker and more developed sound that does not forget the fun-lovin’, whiskey-drinkin’, bar-fightin’ mentality that once defined their existence.

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