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The Press - Milk and the Times That Never Were EP

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Goodnight Records is thrilled to deliver the newest release from The Press, "Milk, and the Times that Never Were." The Press recorded their first two releases, the "Noxious Saucy Beast" EP, and "The Red Comes Ringin'" 7-inch, at Atlanta's now infamous Shangri-La Studios. Sadly, a marriage combined with an shrinking demand for 2-inch tape recording led to the closure of engineer Will Loftin's cozy home away-from-home. After a little prodding and some ATM visiting, Mr. Loftin agreed to let The Press borrow his gear to record their newest batch of songs in a friend's living room. After laying down the drums, The Press moved to New York to reunite with Johnny "Jangles" Walsh, where the happy foursome completed the project over the next several months during the wee hours of the night, much to the chagrin of their ever-sleepy neighbors, who go to their jobs wearing cone-shaped sleeping caps that are wilted near the top and have fuzzballs at the point.

The result is simply kick-ass. More specific? Fine! This CD has 5 righteous songs, 4 songwriters and vocalists, 3 uses of the Yamaha DX-7 keyboard, 2 vocal intros, and one over- arching theme of ass-kickingness. This EP also represents the first time The Press have road- tested their songs, having taken them across the U.S. and Australia during the last two years of ruthless DIY touring, and that spirit of liveliness and spontaneity is the frothy head on this colorful cauldron of bubbling 1's and 0's. So come on and dip your ladle in, and let it run all down your chin. It feels really good--like, so good.

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