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Askeleton - We Are the Elite EP


Askeleton is not now, nor has it ever been, a viable commercial venture. They won't sleep on floors, they won't tour endlessly and they’re too easily embarrassed by self-promotion. Add to that a laissez-faire attitude to the mechanics of career advancement and a demanding artistic agenda and you've got a recipe for real failure. In fact, it might be the defining aspect of Askeleton’s decade-long career: they are the longest-lasting, most disastrous commercial outfit to continually venture the hazardous playing fields of rock 'n' roll. No one can come close to matching their loss to longevity ratio.

So, all that being said, Goodnight Records is delighted to present two brand new digital-only EPs, aptly titled “Isolationist” and “We are the Elite.” The first bears the name of its title track, a song in which Askeleton mastermind Knol Tate sings about things he is clearly not. The latter owes its branding to a song sung from the point of view of a misguided group of an unspecific nature that is thoroughly convinced of its superiority over other nebulously defined coteries. This is also inconsistent with the philosophy of Askeleton.

Both EPs contain 6 songs and offer strikingly separate sounds and visions. Isolationist is an extension of the twisted pop of earlier recordings like Sad Album, Modern Fairy Tales and Angry Album (or Psychic Songs). “Isolationist” stews with made-from-scratch organic loops and the star-cluster of sounds dialed up by the band’s impressively deep inventory of Casio keyboards. “We Are The Elite”, on the other hand, is more of a science fiction inspired version of the rock motifs explored on “Happy Album” and “The Personalization”, which is in no small part due to the heavy application of layered guitars and digital effects. Each EP was made at the same time with the same people creating sounds with no more than two microphones at once. It’s an immersion in the techniques of early, doe-eyed Askeleton, and the result is a charming, unfiltered broadcast from the minds of musicians that are fully ready to communicate with a teeny little audience, or no audience at all. Anyway, we hope you are happy with these products and if not, happiness is a delete button away.


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