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Heaven - S/T 7"

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Heaven are a shiny new collaboration from New Yorkers Matt Sumrow (The Comas, Dean and Britta, Ambulance LTD), Mikey Jones (The Big Sleep, Adam Franklin, Snowden), and Ryan Lee Dunlap (Fan-Tan). A romantic clash between your Dad's long lost favorite psych record and the soundtrack to a John Hughes film, Heaven ride a big sonic wave to deliver their dear and dreamy songs.

Matt Sumrow and Mikey Jones created Heaven in the wake of touring and recording with other prolific artists. Last summer, they both worked with Adam Franklin, of Swervedriver fame, on his latest solo album, "I Can Sleep for a Thousand Years." They tracked Adam's record in a day and a half, with Mikey on drums and Matt on bass. Matt has also been busy playing with Dean Wareham for three years, scoring Andy Warhol films and revisiting Galaxie 500 tunes.

But beyond all of their many musical achievements, the right moment for something more personal has arrived for Matt and Mikey. In Autumn 2010, Heaven was born out of a desire to incorporate all the elements of the things they love about music into one powerful playing field. In the most perfect combination, they have put their own stamp on psychedelia and new wave, giving a nod to the artists they have respected and played with, while also creating something modern and unique.

Matt Sumrow plays acoustic guitar, Jaguar Baritone guitar, and most of the synths, while Mikey Jones puts down drums, bass, and even more synths. Ryan Dunlap, vocals and guitars, is Heaven's third precious element.

For their live show, Matt, Mikey, and Ryan are now playing as a 3-piece: Mikey playing a regular live kit, Ryan manning the synths, and Matt wielding his Jaguar Baritone to infuse the up-close and personal rendition of the songs with a glowing light. With art and passion, Heaven brings you a loud psychedelic show that will remain a burning ember in your brain. They must be both seen and heard.

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