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The Big Sleep and KNTRLR split 7"

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Ooooooohhh Electric Jesus! We are psyched to announce this one - it's a split 7" featuring a hot new unreleased neverbeforeheardbymankind hot jam "Gas up the Jets" from The Big Sleep and the beautifuly haunting new single "Kursk" from KNTRLR. The bands will share a bill at the Mercury Lounge on June 30th.

The Big Sleep’s creative fires have been burning so brightly that their writing process continues even as they tour supporting their latest LP (Nature Experiments). And this is exactly how the gorgeous a-side “Gas Up the Jets” came to be. As Danny puts it: “One day I woke up with a song in my heart, recorded it that night and sent it to Sonya. She was feeling jealous of birds and had a song called Gas Up The Jets ready the next day. It was weird, just happened really fast.”

Charles and Michael are KNTRLR, the nasty two-piece responsible for the hauntingly beautiful b-side “Kursk”, which narrates the experience of a Russian submariner writing a farewell letter to his wife as he accepts his tragic fate. It’s based on a true story, which is probably why the overused and frequently misapplied term “bittersweet” is so fitting. It’s not like these guys are nautical adventurers or students heartbreak addicts, though; in fact, their background belies the pensive lyrical content.

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