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The Press - Noxious Saucy Beast EP

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Fashioned by the slick production hands of Will Loftin at Shangri La studios, Noxious Saucy Beast oozes with an amalgamation of otherworldly rock, punk, and
alternative influences. “With One Hand” unfolds with a sinister and searing sonic stew made of equal parts the Birthday Party and the Talking Heads while the albums opener “Three Point Three” is carried by straightforward guitar lines and stiff-legged tendencies. “Fattest Pigeon” is a rolling and overcast number that simmers with restless melancholy and reflection. Sharing alternating vocal duties all three members exhale with the fortitude and distress of a lifetime of influences where everyone from Ian Curtis to Kurt Cobain step in and out of the fray with a ghostly guiding light from beyond. Catch the Press before the Noxious Saucy Beast carries them away.

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