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The Press - Master 7"

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“Master” - the first single off The Press’® forthcoming album INTEOTWIJTEOAE falls sonically somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and The Walkmen. The song drops an intense groove that pumps and spews adrenaline like a malfunctioning oil rig in the windy sands of Saudi Arabia. Master was one of the last songs tracked during the Fort sessions but the first to be written and recorded following the departure of bassist John Walsh. It is also the first to feature Alex moving from drums to bass and David moving from guitar to drums. With its vocal samples, gritty synthesizers, and hypnotic groove the song serves as the latest machete strike in the Press’ restless hunt for exotic new sonic trails.

The B-side is a Dubstep Remix of “Master” by NYC’s Nate Mars. Nate is one of the most exciting electronic artists in New York and has traveled the States and Europe mesmerizing audiences with his funknasty beats. For this remix Nate chose to highlight the darker side of the song and succeeds wildly, transporting the listener to some dystopian future rave where the ceiling pulses and drips florescent onto the crowd below.

The video for “Master” was also chosen to be played on FUSE TV’s OnDemand Channel and will be available to cable subscribers across the US for all of November. Watch it here:

The Press - no strangers to the road having toured the US, Australia, and Canada and played with bands ranging from Deerhunter to Nightmarishly Bad Cover Band X - will be playing across the NorthEast for the rest of ‘09 and then out across the US next year in support of their debut LP INTEOTWIJTEOAE.

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